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Welcome to BioAustralis Fine Chemicals

BioAustralis provides high purity metabolites from microbesBioAustralis provides high purity metabolites from microbes as laboratory research tools. We specialise in the fermentation and isolation of rare metabolites from actinomycetes, bacteria and fungi.  All our metabolites are produced in our own laboratories to guarantee reliable quality, supply and service.

Our product catalogue covers a wide range of chemistries and biological activities. We focus on providing inhibitors of recently described biochemical pathways.  Over 60% of our metabolites are new to the market; they include analogues of many well known and important molecular bioprobes.

BioAustralis provides high purity metabolites from microbesAt BioAustralis we have access to an extensive microbial library through our connection with Microbial Screening Technologies. Using innovative search tools that allow us to quickly identify microorganisms producing specific metabolites and ourefficient fermentation technologies, we can produce a broad range of metabolites that have never before been widely available. So if you are trying to source a metabolite that is not already in our catalogue or obtain a metabolite in larger quantities please contact us.

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